How to Fix Gmail Slow Loading Issue

Experiencing a slow Gmail which takes forever to load or open can be really annoying, especially when you need it urgently. If you are also wondering as to why your Gmail account is behaving so sluggishly, the reason could be anything from using an outdated/unsupported web browser to technical server error. If the problem is occurring because of any technical issue at Yahoo’s end, waiting for the problem to get solved automatically is the only option. However, if there is nothing wrong at Yahoo’s end, you can try the following suggestions in order to get rid of the problem in your Gmail account.

Steps to Fix Gmail Slow Loading Issue

1.) Make Sure You Are Accessing Your Gmail Account Using A Supported Web Browser

Using an unsupported or outdated web browser to access your Gmail account can cause slow loading issues. It is therefore suggested to always use a supported browser with the up-to-date settings for a smooth and trouble-free Gmail performance. Some of the Gmail compatible web browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge.

2.) Check Your Web Browser Extensions

Sometimes, an extension or an add-on installed on your web browser or application can also prevent Gmail from working as usual. In such a case, you can try deactivating the extension or add-on temporarily (one at a time) to see if any of these browser enhancements are interfering with Gmail’s functionalities.

3.) Make Sure to Clear Cache and Cookies From Your Web Browser

Storing cookies or cache in the web browser can also start causing issues in your Gmail account. So, always make sure to keep clearing cache and cookies from your web browser at regular intervals to keep your Gmail and another account up and running.

4.) Check Gmail Labs

In case you have any labs turned on in your Gmail account, try opening the Gmail by going to

If visiting this link fixed the problem, it is suggested to deactivate labs (one at a time) to know which lab is exactly responsible for causing Gmail slow loading error. For this –

• Open your Gmail account.
• Click on the Settings option located under Gear icon on the top-right corner of your Gmail account.
• Under Settings option, go to the Labs section.
• Now, click on the Disable option next to the Lab which you wish to turn off.
• Once you are done making the changes, click on the Save Change button.

So, these are the ways to fix Gmail slow loading error in your Gmail account.Any issues can contact Gmail Customer Service Support Helpline Number 1-888-312-5444.

Fix Facebook Authentication Failed On Android

Facebook seems to have become an integral part of our life. Whether we are at home, vacation, or on-the-go, Facebook is the application that we prefer to connect to. Available for multiple platforms such as Computer, tablet, and Smartphone and different operating systems such as iOS, Windows, and Android, Facebook is easily accessible and fun to use. Majority of Facebook users prefer to access their account via Android device. While Facebook is easy and simple to use via Android device, However, if you ever have an issue with your FB account such as authentication Failing on Android, you can fix the issue by following the below-mentioned suggestions.

Steps to Fix Facebook Authentication Failed on Android

1.) Make Sure your Phone has Proper Internet Connection

While it may seem silly but whenever you have login or authentication error with your FB account on Android, it is best to first make sure that your device is properly connected to the internet. Try switching to WiFi if you are using mobile data or vice-versa.

2.) Remove Cache and Data

If your internet connection is working properly, then make sure that you clear the Cache and Data for your Facebook application on your Android device. To do this, simply go to the Settings app > Application Manager > All tab > Facebook > Clear Cache and then Clear Data. This is generally one of the common issues. Fixing this should clear the Facebook authentication issue in most of the Android devices.

3.) Keep your Facebook Updated

Make sure that your Facebook app is up-to-date as an outdated application can also lead to different FB issues and errors including authentication issue. To check update for the Facebook app, go to the Google Play Store and open your Facebook app in it. Check if you find any information for new updates available for the Facebook app.

4.) Keep your Android Device Up-to-Date

Like an outdated FB app can cause sign-in issues, similarly, an outdated Android operating system can also cause similar issues and errors. So, make sure that your Android device is running on the latest updates. To check updates, go to the Settings app > About Phone > System Updates.

5.) Reinstall the Facebook App

If even after following the above-given suggestions, you are experiencing Facebook authentication issue on your Android device, it is best to uninstall and reinstall the Facebook application on your Android device. This should fix the problem right away.

So, these are the ways to fix Facebook Authentication issue on your Android device.If you find any problem, contact our Facebook customer service toll free number.