How To Recover Hacked Hotmail Email Account?

hotmail email hacked

Well, if you don’t know, Hotmail was merged with Microsoft’s services. And, in case you are not able to log into your account or have noticed suspicious activities like unknown e-mails sent from your account or unauthorized purchases made from your account, this can be a case of hacking. In order to regain the access to your Hotmail account, it is best that you reset the password right away. To do so, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Recover Hacked Hotmail Email Account

In case if you have noticed suspicious activities and you are still able to access your account, then you can simply change the password to make your account secured. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign into your Hotmail account and locate your profile picture on the top right-hand side corner of the screen, just next to the gear icon. Click on it.
  2. Select the option “View Account” from the drop-down
  3. On the left-hand side, below your profile picture, locate “Change Password” option on your profile page. Click on it.
  4. You will be redirected to a verification page, where you will be asked to enter your Phone number or Email id that you would have added at the time of Sign up.
  5. Simply enter either your Email id or your Phone number and click “Send Code”. You will receive a code; enter it on the subsequent screen.
  6. Confirm it and you will get to Password Reset page. Simply follow the instruction and you will be able to regain the access to your account.
  7. However, if you didn’t add any security information to your account, you can still get the access to your account. On the verification page in (Step 4), click on the first column and choose option “I don’t have any of these”. Click “Next
  8. You will see a page where you can provide your phone number or Email id. Provide the information and you will be contacted on your phone/email by the Microsoft support team to help you gain the access back to your account.

So, this is one of the ways to recover your hacked Hotmail Email account. However, in case you can’t access your account, follow these steps

  1. Click on “Forgot your password” option on the Sign-in
  2. You will see three options, choose any one of them and click “Next”.
  3. On the next screen enter the captcha and click “Next”. Now, you will be brought to verification page just like in Step 4 (above). Just follow the steps from there, and you will get back the control of your Hotmail account.

For any further assistance, you can get in touch with our experts who are well versed with Hotmail Email related issues, be it a technical issue or fraudulent use of your account. Our services are available day-and-night. So, feel free to contact us anytime for any Hotmail Email account related issues. We would love to impress you with our reliable and quality service.

Yahoo Mobile App is Not Working Properly

yahoo mail app not working

Yahoo has introduced a good mobile app; the Yahoo! Mail App with all possible features for organizing multiple accounts, easily searching mails in mailbox, composing customized email messages and more. Users can even access news from the mobile app and know what’s going on across the globe. Users are enjoying the app but technical glitches are unavoidable. Are you also facing issues with Yahoo! mobile app? Is the app not working properly on your device? Here are some fixes for both Android and iOS users to make Yahoo App working on their device.

Yahoo! Mail App not working on Android: Solution

  • At first, make sure your device is connected to internet. Yahoo app will not work without internet.
  • Check app permissions for Android to connect with other info on your device. They must be enabled.
  • Yahoo app works best on latest versions of OS. Update your device’s OS to most recent version.
  • Clear app’s cache if it is slow or freezes occasionally. In such a case you can also force stop the app and restart it again or try uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • There are some Yahoo features which are not available on the mobile version (as it is lighter than the full version.) So, if you can’t find such a feature, access your account through desktop.
  • If you have changed your mobile number and not the device, follow the steps:
    • Go to account settings page.
    • Click you existing number and then click ‘Add recovery phone number.’
    • Enter the new mobile number and click ‘send SMS’ button.
    • Enter the security code you received and click ‘Verify.’

Yahoo! Mail App not working on iOS: Solution

  • Update your device OS to the latest version of iOS.
  • Check if your account is working outside the Yahoo mail app. Sign in to your account from a computer. Send an email to your own email id or any other alternate id and see if it arrives within 5 minutes. If issues occur, resolve them first.
  • Remove your Yahoo! Mail app from your iOS device and re-install it.
  • Keep updating the app with new updates.

In case, the issues with Yahoo! Mail App continues, contact official Yahoo help centre for solutions. If the waiting time is long or you don’t get satisfactory response, avail our independent Yahoo support services helpline toll free. We are accessible 24 hours throughout the year, call anytime.

Yahoo Temporary Errors and How to Fix?

yahoo temporary errors

Users face various temporary errors while using Yahoo! Mail. As the name suggest these issues are just for a short time and can be resolved easily by following simple steps. Temporary errors occur due to server issues or other technical glitches with Yahoo! Mail. Here is an attempt to include all temporary error in a single post.  Scroll down for most common Yahoo temporary errors with their quick fixes.

Temporary Error 1 or ‘UserOpenFailed’

This error usually corrects itself by taking few minutes to few hours. Try these steps to fix it manually:

  • Use a Yahoo! Mail supported web browser and OS. Check the requirement on Yahoo forum.
  • Log out from Yahoo mail on all devices.
  • Clear browser’s cache and restart it.
  • Log in again. The error will be gone.

Temporary Error 2 or ‘MailboxOpenFailed’

This error again takes few minutes to few hours to fix itself automatically.

  • Check browser-Os compatibility.
  • Sign out from Yahoo everywhere.
  • Delete cache from web browser.
  • Close the web browser and restart. Sign in to Yahoo! Mail. The error will be gone.

Temporary Error 3

If you get temporary error 3 while accessing Yahoo account, try clearing cache and cookies. Close the browser for changes to apply. Reopen the browser and access Yahoo account.

Temporary Error 4

It is a transitory error and corrects itself within few hours. You can follow the steps to fix it yourself.

  • Make sure you are using Yahoo supported browser and OS.
  • Sign out from all devices where you have signed in with your Yahoo account.
  • Open the browser, delete browser cache and close it.
  • Open the browser again and log in to your Yahoo account.

Temporary Error 5

  • Check the official Yahoo forum for supported browser and OS.
  • Log out from Yahoo on all devices.
  • Delete browser’s cache. Close the browser.
  • Open the browser again and log in to your Yahoo account.

Temporary Error 6 or ‘InvalidRequest’

  • Make sure you have signed out from your Yahoo account on all devices.
  • Check the supported web browser and OS list. Make changes accordingly.
  • Open the web browser, clear cache and close the web browser.
  • Open the web browser again and sign in to Yahoo! Mail.

Temporary Error 7

  • Check the Browser-OS compatibility for Yahoo.
  • Sign out from Yahoo! Mail account on all mobile devices and your PC.
  • Delete the web browser cache.
  • Close the browser and reopen it.
  • Sign in to Yahoo account for successful access.

Temporary Error 8

Make these changes to your Yahoo! Mail account for fixing this error:

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo account.
  2. Move the mouse over setting gear and select ‘Setting.’
  3. Click ‘writing email’ option from left side menu.
  4. Select or deselect the options under first heading ‘When sending messages.’
  5. Click Save.
  6. Now, repeat till step 3 and undo the changes (if you have deselected the items, select them again) made in step 4.
  7. The error must be gone.

Temporary Error 9

Issues in Yahoo! Mail server can cause this error. It is generally self-rectifying but you can try this small process to resolve it. Before moving with the process make sure you are using a Yahoo supported browser and OS. Also, log out from Yahoo on all mobile devices.

  • Open the browser. Go to browser menu and clear browsing data (cache.)
  • Close the browser and reopen it to log in to Yahoo.

Temporary Error 10

  • Make sure the browser and OS on your system are Yahoo supported.
  • Ensure that you have logged out Yahoo account from all mobile devices.
  • Clear browser’s cache.
  • Close the browser and reopen it.
  • Sign in to Yahoo again.

Temporary Error 11

  • Check the Yahoo supported browser and OS to check you are using the correct ones.
  • Sign out from your account on all mobile devices.
  • Delete browser’s cache and close the browser.
  • Open the browser again and log in to Yahoo account to check if the error is gone.

Temporary Error 12

Just try this simple tip to make sure the error is removed. Before moving ahead, check for supported browser and OS. Yahoo account should be signed out from all devices.

  • Clean the cache of your web browser.
  • Close the browser and re-open it.
  • Sign in again. The error must be rectified.

Temporary Error 13

If you see this error, do the following:

  • Sign out from Yahoo mail from all devices.
  • Clear your browser data such as cookies and cache.
  • Close the browser and open it again.
  • Sign in to Yahoo to access you mailbox.

Temporary Error 14

This is the most common error users receive. It corrects itself automatically. If you don’t want to wait, do this:

  • Check supported browser list for Yahoo! Mail.
  • Make sure your Yahoo account is signed out from all devices.
  • Open your browser from computer and clear browsing history and cache. Close the browser for the changes to come into effect.
  • Open it and sign in to your Yahoo account without any error.

Temporary Error 15

Try this tip to fix the error. It works with most of the users.

  • Yahoo should be logged out from all devices.
  • Clean the browser data. Close the browser and re-open to sign in to Yahoo.
  • Everything should work fine.

Temporary Error 16

This error usually corrects itself within few hours of time. Here is a quick fix for those with urgent requirement.

  • Check the Browser and OS compatibility with Yahoo.
  • Sign out from Yahoo on all mobile devices.
  • Now clean the browser cache and close the browser.
  • Open the browser and sign back to Yahoo account for quick access.

Temporary Error 17

  • Sign out from Yahoo account on your computer and mobile device.
  • Check the browser-OS compatibility for Yahoo.
  • Delete browsing history from web browser. Close it.
  • Open the browser again and now you can successfully access your Yahoo account.

Temporary Error 18

The error will resolve itself within few hours. Still you can do the following to gain quick access.

  • Make sure you have logged out your Yahoo account from all devices.
  • Check if your browser and operating system are supported by Yahoo on the Yahoo help forum.
  • Open browser from your computer and clean browsing history.
  • Close the browser and open it again. Now sign in to your Yahoo account to check the error.

Temporary Error 19 & Error 999

This shows an error that Yahoo can’t load and suggests you to try after some time. But when you try again, the error still persists. Do this to fix it:

  • Sign out from Yahoo account on your tablet or phones.
  • Sign out Yahoo account from computers.
  • Go to browser menu and clear the browsing data. Close the browser.
  • Re-open the browser and sign in to Yahoo. It will work perfectly.

Temporary Error 20

  • Check the browser and OS compatibility. Yahoo works best on supported browsers.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your Yahoo account on any device.
  • Now open the web browser from computer, clear cache and close it.
  • Open the browser again and sign in to Yahoo account to send and receive emails.

Temporary Error 21

This error rectifies itself in few hours. If you have some urgent work, you can access your Yahoo! Mail through mobile device.

Temporary Error 23

Steps to resolve the error:

  • If you have signed-in to Yahoo from different devices, sign out from all.
  • Check the Browser-Os compatibility and also if they are supported by Yahoo! Mail.
  • Go to browser menu and clear cache.
  • Close the browser, reopen and sign in to your Yahoo account.

Temporary Error 44

This error occurs sometimes due to issues in Yahoo Mail. Fix it with these steps:

  • Check the compatibility of your web browser and OS for Yahoo.
  • If you are signed it to Yahoo from different devices, sign out from all.
  • Delete the browser’s history and close it.
  • Open the browser and sign in to Yahoo again. The issues must be fixed.

Temporary Error 45 or Unable to load old emails

If you can’t access your old email messages, post your query at Yahoo forum. The experts will perform back-end maintenance to resolve this error. It might take 24 hours to complete the process.

Temporary Error 46

Sometimes, issues is Yahoo! Mail server cause this error. You can follow the steps to regain quick access to your account.

  • Find Yahoo mail system requirements on official Yahoo help forum and make sure you are using a supported browser.
  • Now, sign out from Yahoo account on all mobile devices.
  • Clean the browser’s cache and close the browser.
  • Re-open the browser and sign in to Yahoo account to check the status of the error.

Temporary Error code 500

Some users see this error in the Calendar section of their Yahoo Mail. This can be resolved by reporting it on the official Yahoo forum (

Hope you found the solution to your error here. If you see any other error, contact Yahoo technical support team for solutions.

Yahoo Account Setting for Add/Edit Recovery Email

The past incident of mass Yahoo accounts hacked made Yahoo users are little more cautious about their account security. They are more cautious to use Yahoo email account on someone else’s computer or internet connection. This was really disheartening of all Yahoo mail users.

Yahoo also has been taken aback with such incidents. Yahoo is the first email service provider and which make it more prone to hacking. In fact, Yahoo has a huge user base which made hackers to target Yahoo account.

This incident created a different image of Yahoo email service that Yahoo is not secure. Yahoo didn’t disappoint with such feedback rather they took it seriously. They increased the security features of Yahoo account so effectively, now it is next to impossible to break it.

Yahoo introduced 2-step verification and Yahoo Account Key security features. This makes your Yahoo account security too tough. Your Yahoo account can be accessed only with your permission. This will keep you updated with your Yahoo account activity.

Yahoo also added a feature to get updated with your account’s activities. This is an activity notification, which helps you to keep an eye on your account. This will help you to stay updated with your account if mistakenly you saved the password with a browser or someone stolen password.

You can recover your account once again, when you lose your password and remove them from accounts you don’t recognize or use without your knowledge. This requires you to add a recovery email for your account as an alternative communicative manner.

Steps to add recovery email using a computer

  • First you need to sign into your Yahoo Account using email address and password
  • Then hover to gear option and then click account info
  • yahoo account info
  • Then go to Account security option in left side and click on it
  • yahoo account security
  • Here you need to click on Email addresses or Phone numbers
  • Then you should click on Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number to assign an alternative recovery method
  • After that simply go with the on-screen instructions to enter and verify your alternative information
  • That’s all; you are done

Steps to add recovery email using a mobile device

  • First go to the mail app or mobile browser then tap on the Sidebar icon
  • Here you need to tap on Account info. You can also find it form Manage Accounts if you are using Yahoo mail app
  • Now tap on the Security Settings
  • Here tap on Email addresses or Phone numbers
  • After that tap on Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number
  • Now simply go with the on-screen instructions to enter and verify your alternative recovery email info
  • This will add the recovery email for your Yahoo account

This is easy to do and will help you to recover your Yahoo account in any sign in problem. When you are not able to doing it on your own, you can take help from Yahoo customer support and service team. The Yahoo experts are just a call far, simply connect on their toll-free number and get instant help.

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 19

Yahoo mail temporary error 19

Then the moment you tried to open your Yahoo mail account, but suddenly got this error; don’t know what to do now.

Yahoo mail is really an amazing email service to use for email communication. You not only send and receive mails with Yahoo mail, but you can use it for your personal schedule organizer, a chat messenger and search engine too.

Yahoo surprises its users with new and innovative features. In fact, Yahoo mail is a synonym for emails. Although, Yahoo mail is one of the safe and secure email services yet, it gives error sometimes. Sometimes due to some technical failure or for security reasons, you will get some temporary errors.

Some common problems can cause temporary errors and it would come as “Temporary error 19” or “Error 999.” When you get this error, you need to understand that your Yahoo mail account is locked temporarily for access. Usually such errors fix themselves within 30 minutes. You don’t need to be worried anymore, instead wait for a while. You should avoid attempting your account; this will lock your account for longer. Yet, we have a solution for you to get it fixed, but before that you need to understand the reasons of such errors.

Reasons, why Temporary error 19 or Error 999 occurs

  • If you are sharing common internet connection with other users
  • If there is some spyware and/or viruses attack on your computer
  • When there is some unusually high activity/traffic from your computer, mobile device, or IP address to some specific Yahoo pages
  • This could be possible when you are using a third-party software program/application to access Yahoo mail
  • The cookies are disabled on browser or browser is unable to accept cookies from Yahoo

You know the possible cause of temporary error; now in order to fix this issue you should try these tips. You should wait, if possible else try them.

+1-888-312-5444 (US/Canada)
  • First thing, turn on your internet browser to accept cookies, this will allow Yahoo to sign into your account
  • You can fix this issue instantly, just access your Yahoo mail account from some other computer or internet connect
  • You can change browser which is supported and compatible with all features of Yahoo mail
  • Use an antivirus and scan it for malware and viruses
  • If you are suspicious that someone else is using your internet connection or Wi-Fi, just secure it with a stronger password

If you are not able to fix this issue with above steps then you can contact Yahoo customer care service helpline number which is toll free and Yahoo technical expert will help you to fix your Email issues.

Step-by-step Guide for Resetting Yahoo! Mail Password

Precaution is better than cure. This saying is not only restricted to health issues; it equally plies on emailing services. All emailing services recommend frequent password changes to ensure account security. This is a precautionary step to save email accounts from hackers. If you don’t follow this recommendation, your account gets more prone to hacking. Although there is password recovery option yet it is necessary to keep your account secure beforehand. Still, if your account is hacked, here is a step-by-step guide to help you in password resetting (with reference to Yahoo! Mail.) You can use this option when you forget your existing password or when your account has been compromised.

Resetting Yahoo! Mail Password

Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Yahoo! Mail log in page.
  • Click on ‘difficulty signing in?’ link.
  • login issue yahoo
  • You will be asked to enter your Yahoo! Mail id or recovery phone number/email address.
  • Whichever option you select, your will be provided with an account key to verify your ownership. The account key will be delivered to your recovery phone number/email address.
  • yahoo account key
  • Enter the account key you received and click on verify.
  • You can now re-set a new password for your account. You will be asked to enter the password twice in order to confirm it. Keep a strong password (a combination of alphabets in UPPER case and lower case, number and special characters.) Yahoo also recommends using a password for a single email account. Using same password for multiple accounts poses security threat.

Changing Yahoo! Mail Password

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, frequent password changes are recommended for security reasons. So, you must keep changing your email password following these steps.

  • Log-in to your Yahoo account.
  • Move your cursor to the gear icon and from the drop down that follows select ‘Account info.’
  • yahoo setting gear option
  • From the left side panel, select ‘Account security’ option.
  • You will be asked to enter your password; enter it.
  • Find ‘change password’ option in the right side panel.
  • account security change password option yahoo
  • Set a new password and confirm it.
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • You have successfully changed the password for your account.

Hope you are now using your email account with complete security and this guide has helped you in resetting your password successfully. If you are still not able to reset your password, contact our team for Yahoo Customer technical support. We offer quick solutions for technical issues related with emailing services and social media accounts.

Can’t Access Basic Recovery Option? Regain Hacked Gmail Account

hacked gmail

Google recommends differ rent tips such as choosing a strong password (combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters), adding recovery email and phone number to your account, keeping a check on your account activities to keep your Gmail account secure. It has also introduced 2-step verification process to enhance Gmail account security. Still some users’ accounts are hacked (may be they don’t follow Google’s tips or due to other reasons.)

If the hacker has not changed your basic account recovery options (alternate email id and phone number), you can change your password immediately to regain access to your account. But, if he has changed your recovery options you cannot use the basic account recovery method. Then, how can you recover your account in such situation? We will discuss this here and provide a step-by-step guide for the complete recovery method.

The method used to recover a Gmail account when the hacker has changed your recovery email and phone number is the identity verification method. You will be asked some questions related to your last password, time of last successful login (date), date of account creation, answer to security question, email address of 5 contacts, phone number, alternate email id, other Google services you were using, name of labels etc. These questions can vary from account to account. You need to be as specific as you can while answering these questions.

Gmail Account Recovery Method
  • Open Gmail log in page and find “Need help?” link below the “Sing in” button.
  • Click on the link and you will be redirected to account recovery page.
  • Enter your email id and select the “I don’t know my password” option. Click “Continue.”
  • You will be asked to type the Captcha seen in the image. Type it correctly and continue.
  • The next page will ask you to enter your last password, if you remember it type it otherwise select the “I don’t know” option.
  • Now you will see the basic recovery page which you can use only when hacker has not changed your alternate email id and phone number. But, here our situation is when you basic recovery options have changed. On this page, you will see a “verify your identity” below the “Continue” button. It’s written in small font so look for it carefully. Click on it.
  • You are now on the identity verification page, answer the questions asked correctly. And keep following the process. The more accurately you answer questions, the more instantly you will recover the account. If you don’t get access to your account, you can follow the identity verification process again.
If issues persist, contact Gmail technical support services on toll-free number. The number is accessible 24*7.