How to Delete a Hotmail Account on an iPhone

When you are not in need to continue using your Hotmail account, you can delete it instantly. This is a great move as you don’t want your recipient to keep sending messages to you and you are going to miss them. In order to delete a Hotmail account of iPhone users have two different methods. First is to delete the account using the Mail app of your iPhone device and another is to get it deleted using the web browser.

We have the quick guide for all Hotmail users, who want to get their Hotmail account deleted using their Phone. They can choose from any of these methods; this depends upon the comfort of the users. When you find that your account is of no use; you can opt any of these methods and get rid of with it.

Method 1 – How to delete a Hotmail account on iPhone?

  • First of all start from home screen, then tap on the Settings tab on your iPhone device
  • Now, go to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option
  • Here, from this option, you will find your Hotmail account listed under Accounts section
  • Here, from the bottom part of the screen, you can see the tab as Delete Account button
  • Finally, you have to confirm it by tapping on Delete from my iPhone option

If you are comfortable with web browser then, you should use this method. It is easy to use and very comfortable for all user groups. In fact, this guide is easy and it lets you get the account delete with few steps. You can go to any web browser and follow these steps and delete the account.

Method 2 – How to delete a Hotmail account on iPhone?

  • Your first step is to go to Hotmail account login page
  • And then, Enter your email ID and password and press login
  • Here, from settings, you need to switch to Account Settings option
  • Then, click on the Close account option show down below on page
  • This may ask you to make sure, you just need to follow the steps by clicking on Next button
  • And then, click on Make account for closure and press OK button
  • You will be redirected to final submission, if you are sure then click on Done option to confirm

You can also get help from Hotmail customer service tech support helpdesk to quickly fix your Hotmail technical issues.

Having Trouble While Logging-In To The Hotmail Account

If you are having trouble while logging into your Hotmail account then it is recommended that you follow the steps mentioned below as either it will help you get in or let you know if the server issue is there.

1. Reset the Password: you must reset the password for the safety and security of your account. Visit and reset the password of your Hotmail account. Choose a strong password and don’t use passwords which you use on other social media website.

2. Validate your Hotmail account: You must validate your account with the help of your mobile device. It might be possible that your account has been blocked via Microsoft for sending messages.

3. Account blocked errors: If your Hotmail account is temporarily suspended then you must unlock it first. Microsoft must have detected some unusual activity on your account as a result; they blocked it temporarily for the safety and security purpose.

4. Browser Issues: It might also be possible that there is something wrong with the internet browser you are using. Clear the cookies, cache and the browsing history of it and try logging in again. Update the internet browser to the latest version available. You may switch to another internet browser if possible. However, Microsoft recommends that you use the latest version of the Internet Explorer or the Microsoft Edge.

5. TwoStep Verification: If you have recently turned on the Two-Step Verification then it might be possible that instead of the traditional password you may have to use the app password.

6. New Device or Roaming: If you are travelling or getting a new device then Microsoft may consider it as an unusual activity and temporarily won’t allow you to sign-in. You don’t need to worry. Simply verify the ownership of your Hotmail account and you will be on your way.

7. Firewalls/Addons/Extensions: Some of the add-ons and browser extension disrupt the connection in between Hotmail and the servers. Disable any recently added add-ons or browser extensions and try again. If your network is equipped with any firewall then ask your network administrator to whitelist the Hotmail so that it can communicate smoothly.

8. Windows Update: You must update the Windows regularly as Microsoft releases security packages for Hotmail regularly so that it works perfectly fine.

How to Add Email Address to Block List In Hotmail?

Unwanted emails such as marketing emails, promotional messages, lucky winner spam, social media spam, and many other spam emails in your Hotmail can be very frustrating. And if you are getting hundred of such spam emails every day, then it becomes even more frustrating as they flood your inbox and making it difficult to manage your important emails. While you can’t stop such spam emails to enter into your inbox, however, Hotmail gives you the option to block such spam emails from entering into your inbox. Below are the steps that will help you know how to add an email address to block list in Hotmail.

Steps to Add Email Address to Block List in Hotmail

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook (earlier known as Hotmail) website and log into your account.
  2. sign in
  3. Locate the gear icon on the top-right corner of the Outlook page. Click on it.
  4. gear icon
  5. Select the “Options” tab from the drop down menu.
  6. Now, locate the option “Blocked senders” located just beneath the “Junk email” tab on the bottom-left side of the page.
  7. Click on the option “Enter a sender or domain here”. You can find the option in the middle of the page. Type the email address of the sender whom you want to block.
  8. After entering the complete email address, press “Enter” key on the keyboard. This will add the email address to Outlook’s blocked senders’ list.
  9. Now, click on the “Save” tab located on the top of the page, above the “Blocked senders” tab. This will save your changes and prevent your Hotmail account from receiving any message from the blocked email address into your inbox.

 So, as now you know you can easily block the senders in your Hotmail account, you will be able to prevent your inbox from being cluttered by such unwanted emails. To know more about features and functionality that Hotmail comprises of, give us a call at our 24-hour toll-free number.

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How To Recover Hacked Hotmail Email Account?

hotmail email hacked

Well, if you don’t know, Hotmail was merged with Microsoft’s services. And, in case you are not able to log into your account or have noticed suspicious activities like unknown e-mails sent from your account or unauthorized purchases made from your account, this can be a case of hacking. In order to regain the access to your Hotmail account, it is best that you reset the password right away. To do so, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Recover Hacked Hotmail Email Account

In case if you have noticed suspicious activities and you are still able to access your account, then you can simply change the password to make your account secured. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign into your Hotmail account and locate your profile picture on the top right-hand side corner of the screen, just next to the gear icon. Click on it.
  2. Select the option “View Account” from the drop-down
  3. On the left-hand side, below your profile picture, locate “Change Password” option on your profile page. Click on it.
  4. You will be redirected to a verification page, where you will be asked to enter your Phone number or Email id that you would have added at the time of Sign up.
  5. Simply enter either your Email id or your Phone number and click “Send Code”. You will receive a code; enter it on the subsequent screen.
  6. Confirm it and you will get to Password Reset page. Simply follow the instruction and you will be able to regain the access to your account.
  7. However, if you didn’t add any security information to your account, you can still get the access to your account. On the verification page in (Step 4), click on the first column and choose option “I don’t have any of these”. Click “Next
  8. You will see a page where you can provide your phone number or Email id. Provide the information and you will be contacted on your phone/email by the Microsoft support team to help you gain the access back to your account.

So, this is one of the ways to recover your hacked Hotmail Email account. However, in case you can’t access your account, follow these steps

  1. Click on “Forgot your password” option on the Sign-in
  2. You will see three options, choose any one of them and click “Next”.
  3. On the next screen enter the captcha and click “Next”. Now, you will be brought to verification page just like in Step 4 (above). Just follow the steps from there, and you will get back the control of your Hotmail account.

For any further assistance, you can get in touch with our experts who are well versed with Hotmail Email related issues, be it a technical issue or fraudulent use of your account. Our services are available day-and-night. So, feel free to contact us anytime for any Hotmail Email account related issues. We would love to impress you with our reliable and quality service.