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How to Block SPAM In Yahoo Mail Account


The spam issue isn’t a small concern in the email world. Getting too many spams day by day not only wastes your precious time but also can be very annoying at times.

Basically, you can’t stop spam completely but certainly, their numbers can be reduced gradually with the help of good internet etiquettes. This article will help you block spam in your Yahoo account.

There is no doubt that Yahoo has the strict spam filters associated in the background but most of the time some of the emails manage the way to the inbox.  If you get a spam, mark it as spam immediately. By doing so, you will train the filter for the future.

Steps To Stop Spam In Yahoo Mail Account

  • Log on to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Navigate the email which is supposed to be spam.
  • Select the particular email or else multiple emails can also be selected.
  • Press the “Spam” button.

You must unsubscribe from the mailing lists, retail advertisements, and newsletters. The moment you provide your email address on any of the websites, you unintentionally subscribe to their mailing list or advertisements. However, in most of their email, you will find a link or button to unsubscribe anytime.

  • Open an email.
  • Find out the unsubscribe button or link.
  • Click “Unsubscribe”.
  • You may be asked to educate them on the reason for unsubscribing their mailing list. It could drop-down arrangements or multiple-choice amendments.

Legitimate organizations always leave a link or button to unsubscribe. It could be in the form of a button at the bottom or in the form of a link. If still, somehow you fail to find the unsubscribe button or link, mark it as spam.

To avoid Yahoo spam situation in the near future, follow the steps below:

  • Don’t reply to the senders you don’t know very well.
  • Watch out when you share your personal email address with anyone.
  • Never reply to messages showing urgency like last day or subscription will be expired etc.
  • You shall never signup with the websites that promise to remove your number from the spam list. The chances are very slim that some of them may be legitimate but almost all of them are the real address collectors used by the spammers.

If you are still experiencing the bombardment of the spam, call our certified Yahoo technicians on our toll-free phone number and get the prompt resolution for it.

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