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Complete Steps To Reset Forgotten Yahoo Email Password

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If you have forgotten your Yahoo email password and looking for a step by step instruction to recover your account, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to regain control of your account quickly.

Steps to Reset a Yahoo Email Account Forgotten Password

  1. Firstly, go to the official Sign-in page of Yahoo.
  2. Enter your email id in the provided column.
  3. Click on the “Next” tab.
  4. After clicking “Next”, a new page will display where you will need to provide your password. But, as you have forgotten it, so simply click on “I forgot my password” option. You can find that option just below the “Sign-in” tab.
  5. Now on the next screen, you will be asked to verify yourself as the holder of the account. For this, you will be shown a partly visible phone number which you will have to confirm whether it belongs to you or not. If you will be having access to the displayed number, you can click on “Yes, text me an Account Key”. You will receive an Account Key which you will need to enter on the subsequent screen.
  6. However, if you don’t have access to the displayed phone number, you can simply click on “I don’t have access to this phone” option. Doing so will redirect you to an alternative way to receive the Account key. In the alternative option, you will be shown a partly visible email id. If you have access to it, you can hit the option “Yes, send me an Account Key”.
  7. After receiving the Account key via either phone or email, simply enter into the screen that follows after you hit the “Send me an Account Key” option.
  8. After entering the correct Account key, click on the “Verify” button.
  9. If the Account key matches the one sent to you, the next screen will show the “Success” message.
  10. Along with a success message, you will also get two options, first being “Continue” and second being “Create a new password”.
  11. If you click on “Continue”, you will be directed to the account review page. Here you will get the opportunity to add an alternative phone number and email id to make it more convenient for you to recover your account in case you face similar issues with your Yahoo email account.
  12. On the other hand, if you click on “Create a new password”, you will be directed to the password reset page. Here you will be able to enter a new password. Make sure you make a strong password by making a combination of alphabets, numbers, and characters.
  13. In addition to the above, you can make your Yahoo email more secure by activating “two-step verification”.
  14. To do this, simply sign in to your Yahoo page and select the “Account info” option by moving the mouse pointer on your profile picture.
  15. Select the “Account Security” tab on the “Account Info” page.
  16. Under the “Account Security” tab, locate “two-step verification” and enable it.
  17. Enabling two-step verification option will make your account more secure against hacking and online threats.
  18. It makes your account more protective by sending a code to your number when you sign in from new devices.

We hope these above-detailed steps help you reset your forgotten Yahoo email password. In case you need further assistance related to the above information or you need any other information related to the Yahoo email account, we are always here to help you. Our Yahoo Mail Customer care team works 24/7 and is always available to resolve any of your queries or worries related to your Yahoo email account. So, feel free to reach us even in the middle of the night, we will be more than happy to serve you.

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