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How To Delete All Messages In Facebook Account?

The Messages section in your Facebook account consists of a record of all the communications which you have sent and received to the people. Therefore, messages can be forwarded, searched, and deleted, though the right method. If you want any time to delete the messages of your chatbox, then you can easily do it. Whether you wanted to delete a single message or all conversation from a Facebook account, you can do it via the right methodology.

Here are the two different ways to delete all messages in Facebook account:

Way to delete all Facebook messages

Use a Google Chrome extension

  • You can use the Google Chrome extension for deleting your entire Messenger inbox. The extension will help you in deleting all messages instantly with just a few clicks.
  • After downloading the extension, you need to open Facebook Messenger and enter the extension’s icon.
  • Then after the extension will open just above the inbox and will list a few directives.
  • In case you have messages that you would like to archive, hover the mouse over the message, enter the settings wheel. And choose the option to archive that message.
  • Now enter begin deletion and inbox will be cleared.

Note: You need to keep one thing very clear that deleting messages is permanent. After deleting you won’t be able to get them back.

Deleting each message separately

On the other hand, here is another way to erase Facebook messages by choosing them one at a time. This can be a tiresome procedure, but it’s perfect if you only want to delete some of the messages in your inbox.

For this, you need to find the message thread that you decided to delete. And hover your mouse over it and enter the settings wheel. Then once the menu drops down, choose delete and this manner conversation will be erased.

Phone users:

The phone users can tap and hold a particular conversation, then choose delete from the menu that appears on the computer system screen.

The tricks are going to help you at the time of deleting all messages on Facebook. In case of any technical problem, you can consult certified professionals of Yahoo. They will help in proffering more and more details related to messages on Facebook.

If you are looking for help from the expert so you can call toll free Facebook customer support service helpline number to get instant help.

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