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Email Attachment Problem with Yahoo Mail

Email without an attachment option can’t be imagined. The importance of the emailing system without the attachment feature will be very minimal. When any issue occurs while uploading or downloading the attachment, users get frustrated. Here are some tips reduce users’ frustration and resolve the email attachment issues. Most of these tips can be used for any email services; the main context of this post is Yahoo! Mail. If you are facing troubles with attachment in Yahoo! Mail account, here is what you can do to resolve them:

  • The first one is a short-cut for the attachment feature and can be used even if the attachment icon is working fine. Instead of using the paper clip icon, just drag and drop the file you want as an attachment. Drop the file anywhere in the message body area.
  • Try changing the file name and make sure it doesn’t contain any special characters such as *, #, @, etc.
  • The official Yahoo forum provides a list of Yahoo supported browsers, check them and use them for accessing the Yahoo account.
  • Also, make sure you are accessing your email account through the latest version of the browser. Yahoo works best with the latest browser versions.
  • Yahoo has restricted some file extensions considering them malicious such as .bat, .exe and .jar. Check your attachment file for these extensions.
  • Another reason for the attachment issue is the anti-virus clash. Yahoo uses Norton; if you have an anti-virus other than Norton, they will clash. Disable the ‘Threats in webmail attachments’ option in your computer anti-virus.
  • Web browser add-ons also cause a problem with attachment. Disable all add-ons and try attaching the file. If you want to identify the add-on that is causing the issue, enable them one-by-one and try attachment. Remove the one causing the problem.
  • Make sure your email id doesn’t contain any spam link, image or content. If the email message contains only links, add some text.
  • If the above tips don’t work, check the official Yahoo Help Centre for help on this topic. If the issue is not addressed, post your query on the forum. Provide complete details about the issue to save time. Yahoo experts will provide a solution.

Still can’t add an attachment or download the one you received? Contact Yahoo technical support for quick solutions. Share your issue through email, phone number or live chat. A team of certified professionals is available 24 hours for your assistance.

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