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How To Fix Hacked Windows Live Mail?

hacked windows live mail

With so much increase in cybercrime these days, the security of your online data is a matter of serious concern. Ransomware (WannaCry) is one such latest example of cybercrime that hit almost 100 countries in the world. Therefore, whenever you sense any unethical or suspicious activities with your online data and accounts, especially your email services such as Windows Live Mail, it is strongly recommended to take a quick action to resolve the issue at once.

If you have recently noticed some suspicious activity in your Windows Live Mail account like emails sent from your account, purchase receipt in your inbox or similar other unethical activities. It can be because someone hacked your Windows Live Mail account.

In order to fix your hacked Windows Live Mail account, it is recommended to change or reset your password. Changing or resetting your password will give you complete control of your account and prevent a hacker from misusing your email account any further. Here is how to change or reset your password.

Steps to Fix Hacked Windows Live Mail

As the Windows Live Mail account is connected to Microsoft, changing/resetting your Microsoft account password will help you regain the full control of your Windows Live Mail account.

Method 1: When you are able to log into your account

1.) Sign in to your Microsoft Account and go to the Security tab.

2.) Under the Security tab, click on the Change Password option. Doing so will direct you to a verification page where you will be asked to enter your email ID or phone number to receive a code for changing the password.

3.) After selecting the appropriate option, click on the Send Code button. Enter the code received on the subsequent screen and confirm your action.

4.) You will now be taken to the Password Change page. Simply enter your Old Password and New Password in the respective column. You can also check the option Make me change my password every 72 days.

5.) Once you are done creating your password, click on the Next button. Now log out from your account and log in again with the new password to check whether it been changed or not.

Method 2: When you are unable to log into your account

1.) In this method, go to the Sign-in page of Microsoft account and click on Forgot my Password option.

2.) You will be directed to a new page where you will find a couple of options. Click on I think someone else is using my Microsoft Account and select the appropriate reason from the drop-down. Click Next.

3.) On the next screen, enter the Microsoft Account id for which you want to reset the password. Enter the Captcha if shown and click the Next button.

4.) After that, a new window will appear where you will get three options. You will need to choose anyone from the three options:

If you select any of the first two options, you will receive a code on your email/phone (depending on the choice made). However, if you select the third option, you will be asked to enter an alternate email id to receive the code. Once your receive code, enter the code on the next screen and click the Next button.

5.) You will now be directed to Password Reset Page. Simply create your new password and confirm it. Now you can access your hacked Windows Live Mail account.

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