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Fix Sync Problem With The Gmail Mobile App

gmail sync problem

With the Gmail Mobile app, a user can easily send and receive emails from anywhere and at any time. One doesn’t need to check his desktop or laptop to keep a track of his emails. Whether you send an email using your Gmail app or your desktop computer, the actions get reflected in both applications right away.

This synchronization of the Gmail app helps in easy access and appropriate management of Gmail accounts. However, sometimes, some issues can cause synchronization error with the Gmail app that may result in the following problems:

• Unable to send mail, or email is stuck in send.
• Unable to receive new emails.
• “Account not synced” error.
• Unable to open or read mail.
• Gmail app is functioning or responding very slow.

If you are facing sync issues with your Gmail Mobile app, you can try fixing the problem by following the suggestions provided below.

6 Steps to Fix Sync Problem with the Gmail Mobile App

1.) Make Sure That Your Gmail App is Up-To-Date

When you don’t have an up-to-date Gmail app installed on your mobile, you may face problems sending or receiving emails. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are using the updated version of the Gmail app.

• Go to the app store (Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS)
• Search for the Gmail app on the store and check if an update is available.
• If you see updates available for your Gmail app, simply install it.
• The problem should get fixed.

2.) Restart Your Device

Rebooting the device helps in refreshing the memory which sometimes is what sufficient to fix such issues in the mobile device. So, try fixing the sync error in your Gmail mobile app by restarting your device.

3.) Check your Mobile Device Settings

Any changes in settings, be it manually or because of any newly installed app can also cause issues like sync error in the Gmail app. In such a case, you should make sure that all mobile settings are configured appropriately.

• Make sure that you are online and your internet is working properly.
• Also, make sure that you haven’t activated the Flight Mode or Airplane Mode on your mobile device.
• Also, check whether or not Gmail sync settings are correctly configured or not. Launch the Gmail app, tap on the menu icon and go to Settings. Under Settings, select your Account and make sure that the checkbox next to “Sync Gmail” is selected.
• You should also make sure that the settings of your phone or tablet are also configured correctly. Go to the Settings app on your mobile device, open Users & accounts option and select Automatically sync data option.

4.) Clear your Storage

Lack of storage space can also make your mobile device cause synchronization errors in Gmail and other mobile applications. In such a case, clear storage by

• Uninstalling applications that you no longer use.
• Delete downloaded files or files you created or copy the data to your computer.
• Also delete Google Play music, movies, books, or TV shows you have downloaded.

5.) Check your Password

If you are unable to sign in or see one of the following errors when accessing Gmail on your computer, the sync will not work on the Gmail app.

• Username and password not accepted.
• You are being prompted to enter username and password again and again.
• Invalid credentials

In such a case, you can follow these steps to fix the error.

• Make sure that you are entering the correct username and password.
• If you are using 2-step verification, make sure to generate an app password as the regular password will not work in such a case.

6.) Clear Your Gmail Information

NOTE: Following these steps will remove your draft emails and signature, ringtone and other settings. So, consider the risk before following these steps.

• Go to the Settings app on your mobile device.
• Tap on the Apps & notifications and select the App info option.
• Now, select Gmail and then Storage option.
• Next, tap on the Clear data option and then on the Ok.
• After that restart your device.
• The problem should get fixed now.

So, these are the ways to fix the sync problems with the Gmail mobile app.

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