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How To Get Back Your Hacked Yahoo Mail Account Now

Before you go ahead and fix, it is necessary to recognize that your Yahoo account has really been hacked or compromised. There are always some signs which indicate that your account has either been compromised or hacked.

Signs which indicate your account has been hacked.

  • You are unable to receive any email at all.
  • Someone is sending spam to your contacts.
  • Yahoo Mail account settings changed without your prior information.
  • In the recent activity page, you find some successful login attempts from unrecognized locations.

Steps To Get Back Hacked Yahoo Mail Account

Check the Yahoo Mail account settings; update the settings which you didn’t make. Restore the entire settings if required. These settings involve the following:

  • Filters
  • Signature
  • Auto-Forwarding
  • Reply-to address
  • Vacation/Holiday Response
  • Blocked Addresses
  • Sending name

If you are in doubt then you must secure your account. You must keep the account information private and confidential. Your Yahoo password is as confidential as the pin of your credit card.

  • Stop using your password and opt for Yahoo Access Key. It will allow you to access your Yahoo account without providing the traditional password. All you need is a Yahoo app on your Smartphone. Once you enable the Yahoo Access Key, you will be sent a notification via Yahoo which you just need to approve it and you will be on the way. Even if someone gets access to your password, all will go in vain as they won’t be able to sign-in successfully.
  • You can also turn on the Two-Step Verification. You will be sent a security code whenever you or someone will try to access your Yahoo account from an unknown location. The security code usually is sent to your registered mobile device.
  • Create a very strong password which is very hard to guess for anyone. Never use any existing passwords or passwords which you normally use on another website.

You must have access to the recovery options such as recovery mobile device or email address to recover your hacked Yahoo account. Go to the Sign-in helper and click on the “Trouble Signing in” then follow the on-screen information.

You will have to provide the alternate email address or the registered mobile number. Provide as much information as you can regain access to your account. If you encounter any error or the problem persists then, contact our certified Yahoo technicians on our toll-free number for the complete solution to your Yahoo account.

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