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Gmail Account Hacked? Can’t Access Recovery Option

gmail password hacked

Google recommends different tips such as choosing a strong password (a combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters), adding recovery email and phone number to your account, keeping a check on your account activities to keep your Gmail account secure.

It has also introduced a 2-step verification process to enhance Gmail account security. Still, some users’ accounts are hacked (maybe they don’t follow Google’s tips or due to other reasons.)

If the hacker has not changed your basic account recovery options (alternate email id and phone number), you can change your password immediately to regain access to your account.

But, if he has changed your recovery options you cannot use the basic account recovery method. Then, how can you recover your account in such a situation? We will discuss this here and provide a step-by-step guide for the complete recovery method.

The method used to recover a Gmail account when the hacker has changed your recovery email and phone number is the identity verification method. You will be asked some questions related to your last password, time of last successful login (date), date of account creation, answer to a security question, email address of 5 contacts, phone number, alternate email id, other Google services you were using, name of labels, etc.

These questions can vary from account to account. You need to be as specific as you can while answering these questions.

Hacked Gmail Account Recovery Method

  1. Open the Gmail login page and find “Need help?” link below the “Sign in” button.
  2. Click on the link and you will be redirected to the account recovery page.
    Enter your email id and select the “I don’t know my password” option. Click “Continue.”
  3. You will be asked to type the Captcha seen in the image. Type it correctly and continue.
  4. The next page will ask you to enter your last password if you remember it type it otherwise select the “I don’t know” option.
  5. Now you will see the basic recovery page which you can use only when a hacker has not changed your alternate email id and phone number. But, here our situation is when your basic recovery options have changed.
  6. On this page, you will see a “Verify your identity” below the “Continue” button. It’s written in small font so look for it carefully. Click on it.

You are now on the identity verification page, answer the questions asked correctly. And keep following the process. The more accurately you answer questions, the more instantly you will recover the account. If you don’t get access to your account, you can follow the identity verification process again.

If issues persist, contact Gmail technical support service on the toll-free number. The number is accessible 24*7.

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