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3 Steps To Make a Skype Conference Call on Android

How To Make a Skype Conference Call on Android


Android smartphones and tablets have really made life easier for people across the world by offering convenience in performing day to day tasks. Whether you wish to send an email, find a location, play games, or browse the internet, one can easily carry out such tasks from wherever and whenever they wish to.

Considering this factor and to make it more convenient for its users, Skype has also built a dedicated app for the Android platform to provide to have access to their account on the go. One can easily use Skype on his/her Android device by downloading and installing the Skype Mobile app from Play Store.

One of the best advantages of using Skype on Android is to easily place calls to your friends, family members, and clients. If you are using Skype on your Android device for the first time, you would want to know how to make a call using Skype on Android. Below we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to make a one-to-one Skype call and conference call on Android.

Steps to Make a Skype Conference Call on Android

1.) Launch the Skype app on your Android device and tap on the Calls option. You will be directed to the next screen where you get the list of contacts.

2.) You can either find the person you wish to call by scrolling or you can search for the person’s contact using the search option.

3.) After locating the person you wish to call, follow these instructions:

To Make an Audio Call: Tap on the Audio Call option (phone receiver icon).
To Make a Video Call: Tap on the Video Call option (camera icon).
To Call a Group of People: Tap on the Audio Call or Video Call option next to the group you wish to call.
To Call a New Group of People or Make a Conference Call: Tap the Call Multiple People option (phone receiver icon with + sign), then tap on the radio button next to each person you wish to include in the conference call, and then tap on the Call button.

NOTE: When you make a new group call, it will always begin as an audio call. However, you can enable video during the call by simply tapping on the Video button (Camera icon).

At the time of the call, you can:

• Enable or disable speakerphone by tapping in the loudspeaker icon.
• Enable or disable the microphone by tapping on the mic icon.
• Enable or disable video by tapping on the camera icon.
• End the call by tapping on the phone receiver (horizontally positioned) icon.

Similarly, there are many other options to perform different tasks during a call. You can use them as per your requirement.

And, this is how you can make a Skype conference call on Android.

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