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Problem In Accessing Windows Live Mail Account

Can’t access your Windows Live Mail account? Try some of the quickies to get on the way. Most of the time, there is something wrong with the system and you can troubleshoot it right away.

Keep the following things in your mind whenever your Windows Live Mail acts funny.

  1. To access Windows Live Mail, you must have an active internet connection that must be stable.
  2. Update the Windows Live Mail program to the latest available updates.
  3. Verify that your Windows Live Mail account isn’t blocked if it is blocked, unblock it first and then try to access it.
  4. You must update the Windows regularly as Microsoft has released an update that is mandatory for the Windows Live Mail users worldwide.
  5. Delete the cookies, cache and the browsing history of the system and try again.
  6. If required, uninstall the Windows Live Mail program from your system and reinstall it with the latest version available.
  7. For a time being, disable the virtual private network, firewall if any.
  8. Some of the other email providers have moved with another protocol of the security hence won’t be compatible with Windows Live Mail anymore.
  9. Reconfigure the Windows Live Mail account from the beginning if none of the above works.

If the problem persists, then try to access your Windows Live Mail with another computer. Ask your friends if they are getting the same issues or not. If they are in also one of those aspiring for the same then, don’t do anything as might be Windows Live Mail is temporarily down at your region.

If they are able to access the Windows Live Mail easily then there is something wrong with your system. Make sure that your system is working fine and Windows is getting updated regularly. Ensure that your system meets the requirements for the Windows Live Mail. Upgrade the hardware if necessary.  Check the settings of your antivirus program and make sure that it doesn’t restrict the network between Windows Live Mail and its server. If you have downloaded the Windows Update but haven’t started yet, this could be a reason you don’t access to Windows Live Mail. Restart the system so that Windows can install the latest updates properly.

If the problem still persists and you get a jam, call our Windows live Mail Customer Service toll-free phone number for the complete resolution.

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