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Disk I/O Error in Your Skype Account [100% FIXED]

How to Fix Skype Disk I/O Error?

disk i/o error in Skype

Skype is one of the most popular and widely used communication apps among both personal and professional users. Whether you want to use to for texting or sharing files, or to conduct individual/group voice/video call, Skype can carry out such tasks effortlessly. While Skype is a complete breeze when it comes to its functionality, however, sometimes some user may face issues with their Skype account due to different reasons.

One such most reported issue that users generally encounter in their Skype account is the “Disk I/O error”. If you are also seeing this error in Skype when trying to access your account, you can try fixing it by following the different solutions provided below.

Guide to Fix Skype Disk I/O Error

  1. Check the Status of Skype

The first thing that you will need to make sure is that the Disk I/O error is not being caused due to any technical glitch at Skype’s end. To check that, you will need to know the status of Skype. You can check the status of Skype easily by following these steps:

  • Firstly, you will need to open a web browser on your computer and go to the Skype Status page (
  • Once you are on the Skype status page, you will need to see the status next to Skype Status. If the status says Normal service, it means that there are no issues with the Skype services.
  • However, if the status of the Skype appears to be down, you will need to wait until the status changes back to “Normal Service”.


  1. Keep Your Computer Up-to-Date

If the system you are using to access your Skype account is not running with the latest version, it may lead to issues like Disk I/O error. Therefore, it is necessary to always make sure that your computer system is running with the latest updates. You can check for updates by simply entering Windows Updates in the Windows Start search field and then selecting the option from the search result. If there are updates available for your system, make sure to install them by following the on-screen prompts. And once you are done installing the updates, make sure to restart your system once before you check your Skype account for the error.

  1. Perform Disk Check

As I/O refers to the Input/Output error, it might mean that your hard drive is going through some sort of problems. While the error indicates issues with the hard disk, but it doesn’t mean that your hard drive is of no use anymore. In such a case, you can try clearing the error by performing a check disk. To know how to perform a disk check, follow these steps:

  • On your computer, open up the command prompt window. You can open it by clicking the Windows Key + X key on your keyboard and then selecting Command Prompt – Admin.
  • Once the command prompt window opens up on your screen, you will need to enter CHKDSK in the provided field followed by the name of the disc you are looking to check.
  • For example, if you wish to perform a disk check on your C drive, you will need to enter CHCKDSK C and then press the Enter key on your keyboard to run the command.
  • After the completion of the disc check process, you can try accessing your Skype account.


  1. Uninstall and Re-Install Skype App

Another reason that can lead to a Disk I/O error in your Skype account can be incorrectly configured Skype account. If the installation of your Skype app was done incorrectly, you may face Disk I/O and other errors in your Skype account. In such a case, it is best to consider uninstalling and re-installing the Skype application. Well, when re-installing the app, make sure to download the app from the official website of Microsoft. Once you are done re-installing the app, make sure to restart your system before you try to sign in to your Skype account.

  1. Use Another Computer

If even after considering the above-mention workarounds you are unable to clear the Disk I/O error in your Skype application, it is recommended to try signing into your Skype account using a different computer. If you are able to access your Skype account without any error on a different computer, then it means the reason for the error on your computer.

In such a case, you can consider scanning your system for viruses, malware, and missing or corrupt system files. If that also doesn’t help clear the error, you can consider installing a fresh copy of Windows on your computer.

So, these are the different workarounds that will help you fix the Disk I/O error in your Skype account. If still there is any issue, you can contact Skype customer service number to fix your Skype account.

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