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Unable To Send Attachment In Facebook Account

Using Facebook is an overwhelming experience for social networking. You can connect people, make new friends, join various groups, start your own group, make a family group, follow a famous personality or celebrity, chat within your contact and network, share your own life incidents and post about various updates of life.

And, now you can share files, photos, videos, audio files and more to your contact while chatting with them. This is an advanced feature when you can chat with your contacts and share files with them. It gives you real-time conversation experience when you want to talk about some documents or some photographs. This feature makes the Facebook messenger chat a completely different experience as other competitive IM or messenger application.

Well, this has so many advantages, yet there are certain limitations too. And these restrictions come as an issue when you try to access your Facebook messenger and send a file to it. This is due to the file size, which is limited to 25 MB as a single file. So, when your file size increases to 25 MB; you can’t send it. The only alternative here is to send a smaller file with a limited size of lesser than 25 MB.

Your file type also matters, and this is due to the safety and security of your Facebook account and your contacts too. This restricts users to send a certain file type which falls under the suspicious or harmful files.

When a user tries to send some malicious virus using the Facebook messenger as an attachment, the Facebook server will automatically filter it out and won’t let you send it. You need to be careful that your file shouldn’t be the suspicious one else you will get the error. Especially, the file extension plays a vital role, in order to evaluate the credibility of the file and its contents. You need to keep these things in mind and you can avoid any uninvited trouble of sending and sharing the files using Facebook.

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