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Yahoo Mail Mobile App Error In Reading Yahoo Mails

Most of the Yahoo Mail app issues occur due to the incorrect invalid settings or there is something with the Yahoo account which you are trying to add.

If your Yahoo app is not working, then try to access the same account on the web browser. Compose a new email and send it to your own Yahoo email address. If you get the email within a few minutes then it’s fine! Otherwise, there is something wrong with the Yahoo account.

Update the operating system:  You must update the operating system of your Smartphone whether it is an iPhone or Android. Make sure you are using the latest version available.

Update the Yahoo Mail App: It might also be possible that you are using an older version of the Yahoo Mail app. You must always update the app regularly so that it works smoothly.

Reinstall: If none of the above works, then uninstall the Yahoo Mail app from your Smartphone and re-install it.

Network:  You must have an active and stable internet connection.

Battery Saver: Never use any battery saves program or app on your Smartphone. These battery-saving apps are nothing but reduce the performance by reducing the amount of power to the phone and apps. Apps don’t work properly due to an insufficient amount of power.

Reboot: Restart your Smartphone and see if the problem persists.

Don’t access your Yahoo account with any third-party email app such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Android Email. Always install the latest version of the Yahoo Mail app. Make sure that your Yahoo account isn’t blocked. If it’s blocked, unlock it first then you go ahead and configure it with the Yahoo Mail. If you are using an app password then your traditional Yahoo password won’t work. Try using the app password. You might have to disable the Yahoo Access Key and the Two-Step Verification for a time being, as sometime you will experience a delay in getting the security code or the notification. Some time due to a glitch, whenever you enter the correct Yahoo Access Key, it says it is incorrect. In such cases, it is recommended that you disable the Yahoo Access Key and the Two-Step Verification for a shorter period of time. Once you have configured your Yahoo Mail app on your Smartphone then you can turn it on again later on.

If the problem still persists then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our certified Yahoo Mail Support professionals on our toll-free phone number for the prompt resolution to your Yahoo account.

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