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5 Ways to Fix ‘You Can’t Use Facebook Right Now’ [2022 UPDATED]

How To Fix “You Can’t Use Facebook Right Now” Issue

can not use fb right now

Facebook allows you to not just get in touch with friends and colleagues but also expand your business through Facebook ads. When more than 2 billion people are directly or indirectly access the most popular social media platform in the world, it becomes a quite challenging task to render uninterrupted service.

Sometimes users stumble upon certain issues that prevent them from accessing their account. One such error is ‘you can’t use Facebook right now’. This error usually occurs when you try to log in to your account.

Here are the most possible reasons why you could be seeing the error and their solutions to tackle the ‘can’t use Facebook right now’ issue.

1) Account Temporarily Disabled:

If you run into this error while trying to access your account, it is possible that your account is temporarily disabled. When you create an account using a fake photo or name and start sending/ receiving friend requests in bulk, there’s a possibility that the officials might disable your account. They will do a proper investigation to find out the actual reason.

2) Someone Reported You:

Maybe someone has reported you for violating Facebook’s terms of use – posting offensive content or sending bulk messages to people you don’t know or sending friend requests to unknown people. When this happens, you have nothing to do but wait until you get feedback from the company.

If you are clean or the issue isn’t that serious, they will give you a warning and give your account back. In most cases, they ban the account that has violated the terms of use of the company. Once banned, it becomes difficult to retrieve it. You can submit an appeal thinking the team has made any mistake. The chances, however, are thin.

3) Spamming:

Facebook will prevent you from using your account if you are caught spamming, which is against its policy. Accounts that have business pages associated often end up losing or getting banned because of frequent posting. When this happens, you need to avoid publishing content so frequently.

4) Loading Error:

Sometimes ‘You can’t use Facebook right now’ error occurs when you try to load a page and you keep loading time and again. In this case, the error is tiny and simple. Wait, until Facebook fixes itself and allows you to make the most out of it.

5) Account under Scrutiny:

You may be wondering why your account would get under the radar. There could be several reasons for it.

If Using Fake Name or No Photo:

Accounts without a photo are easily tracked and eventually banned by the company. So, your name and the photo should be correct.

  • If Impersonating Someone: Are you using a Facebook account that impersonates someone else? You will get banned for sure.
  • Posts Don’t Follow Guidelines: Your account will be disabled or under revision if you keep on posting without meeting or following the Facebook terms and guidelines. Derogatory remarks, lewd comments, and posts that could create tensions are some of the examples.
  • Your Behavior: Contacting other people to promote your something or advertising or even harassment – your account will be in serious trouble.

Submit an appeal if you think Facebook has disabled your account by accident. Or, if you are simply experiencing login issues, you can fix the same by changing your password or by recovering your account through a friend’s profile.

You may also contact Facebook Customer Support for instant help.

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