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Email is considered among the most preferred and most suitable methods to communicate with associates. It has to offer various advantages including instant delivery of message and option to share important files and documents. There are various companies available that are offering email services but Hotmail has occupied its own unique place. There are millions of users all over the world who prefer Hotmail the most because of its attractive features and quality of services. Yet, there are some technical problems that the Hotmail users may have to encounter. But they have no need to worry as our qualified Hotmail customer service can offer instant solutions to the users in a convenient and faster way.

The users can avail most suitable solutions at any time they are having any trouble with the email service. We offer a direct and instant access to our experts 24/7 via our toll free number for USA and Canada. The users can also avail solutions promptly through our customer care email and live chat.

Common Hotmail Technical Issues:

Hotmail users may have to face different technical issues with Hotmail services including the ones mentioned below:

  • Having trouble while logging-in to the Hotmail account
  • Hotmail takes more time to perform any action
  • Unable to save changes made to the account settings
  • Email attachment is causing troublet
  • Integrated Skype services are not working properly
  • Cannot edit a document online directly from the email
  • Unable to add a signature to the Hotmail account
  • Unable to add email addresses to the block list
  • Hacked Hotmail account

If a user is having any trouble with the email service, he can contact official Hotmail customer care to avail solution to the problem.

How to Contact Official Hotmail Customer Care:

Hotmail is a reliable company that has always taken care of its users. It understands that fact well enough that the technical error can occur at any point to anyone. That is why it has set the following options for the users to avail solutions to their problems:

  • Help Center page
  • Official Community
  • Customer service contact number
  • Live chat with a professional

Although, Hotmail is offering solutions to the users but there are various reasons for a user to contact a 24/7 available third party customer support.

What Makes Us Better Than the Official Hotmail Support:

We are offering various attractive features to the users that the official customer care fails to offer. You can have a look at the below-given comparison to understand that what makes our Hotmail support a better choice for Hotmail users:

Official Hotmail Support Third Party Customer Care
Hotmail professionals are not available 24/7 Professionals accessible 24/7 throughout the whole year
Non-cooperative Hotmail professionals Helping and supportive team
Delayed response Instant response from dedicated team of Hotmail experts
Slower deliveries of solutions Instant solutions by certified and highly capable team of professionals
No guarantees of the solutions Guaranteed best solutions
Complicated Convenient and simple tech support
Remote access not available Secure remote access to offer most suitable solutions

Disclaimer : We as a third party team are offering best solution for the problems in Email account which users face many a time. One can simply consider us for enjoying the services without any trouble, the details, products and names which we have used is only for reference purpose.

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