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How to Contact Skype Customer Support?

There is a frequent need for communication by the users due to different personal and professional reasons. The technological advancements have brought numerous mediums to communicate with our associates. Among these mediums, Skype is one application that has attracted a majority of users worldwide. The large user-base of Skype is mainly because of its impressive features which include conference calls, screen sharing, Skype online number, file sharing and lots more. While Skype is appreciated for its feature-rich and flawless platform, however, some times, some users encounter one or the other technical errors with the services which prevent them from using a specific feature or accessing their account. To help such users, the communication giant offers assistance through its Skype customer support. At Skype customer support, `there are numerous assistance options provided to the users for assistance.

How to Contact Skype Customer Support?

Skype Customer Support has a dedicated team of certified and experienced experts to offer users the best possible solutions for their query and concerns. From Help Articles, Skype Community, Live chat to customer care phone numbers, there are numerous support options to choose from. Information about these assistance options is provided below.

  1. Sky Help Center

    If there are common Skype-related issues bothering in your account, you can find help at the Skype Help Center page. At Skype Help Center, you can seek support for your issue or query easily through relevant Help Articles. To know how to use the Skype Help Center for assistance, follow these steps:

    • Go to the Sky Help Center page on your browser.
    • Under the Contact Us section, select your issue from the given list.
    • Next, you will need to click on the relevant option in the “Please be more specific” section.
    • On the next screen, you will be provided a solution for the selected problem.
    • Follow the instructions given in the Help Article to fix the issue in your Skype account.
  2. Microsoft Skype Help Community

    Microsoft Skype Help Community is an ideal way to find assistance from Skype customer support. Here, users can interact with each other, post query, and provide answers to issues of other users. To know how to post a query on the Skype Help Community, follow the steps provided below:

    • Go to the Skype Help Community page on your web browser.
    • Next, you will need to click on the relevant topic in the Skype Topic and Subtopic (optional) located in the Skype Sub-Topic section.
    • Next, you will need to select the appropriate option from the Platform section.
    • Then, a solution to your problem will be provided in the lower section of your screen.
  3. Search Help

    You can also find the assistance from Skype support through the Search Help option available at Skype Help Center page. To know how to find help using the Search option, follow the steps given below:

    • Open the Sky Help Center page on your browser.
    • Next, enter the query in the prompted field.
    • Next, you can either select the topic from the auto-suggestion list that appears as you begin typing, or you can press Enter key on your keyboard after entering the complete keyword in the search field and select the appropriate solution from the given result.
  4. Assistance from Skype Support Through Virtual Agent

    If you are facing trouble getting appropriate assistance from the above-given option, you can find direct help from a Skype support virtual agent by following the below-given steps:

    • Open the Skype support virtual agent page on your browser.
    • Enter the keyword related to your problem in the prompted field.
    • Then, press the Enter key, you will get a reply from the virtual agent.
    • After that, all you need to do is follow the instructions recommended by the virtual agent to fix the issue in your Skype account.
  5. Check the Skype Status

    Sometimes the problem could also be on Skype’s end, therefore, it is suggested to verify the status of Skype. Following are the steps to check Skype status.

    • Open the Skype Status page on your web browser.
    • Next, you will need to go through the status of the different functions displayed on the screen once you are on the Skype Status page.
    • If you see a Green color right tick next to each service, this means that Skype is functioning normally.
    • However, if you see a red tick next to Skype’s service, you will need to wait until the issue gets fixed.
  6. Microsoft Customer Care Phone Number

    If you want to find help from Microsoft about your Skype problem by calling on their customer care phone number, following are the Microsoft Customer care number you can use to get prompt assistance.


    • 1-888-393-1373
    • (800) 642 7676
    • (800) 892 5234 (TTY)


    • 877 568 2495
    • 905 568 0434
    • 800 892 5234 (TTY)

Now, as you have ample information on the different assistance options that you can use to get assistance from Skype customer support, you can easily use the to fix an issue in your Skype account.

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